He likes the white,
She likes the yolk.
He likes the meat,
She likes the bones.
He likes the jamun,
She likes the syrup.
He likes her,
She likes him.


Thorns and petals were in love,
He killed them to declare his own.


If life is rain,
You are my umberella.
Even if I throw you,
You come back to protect me.


bangalore-city-cityscape-night-545509Bangalore is turning from a metropolis to a necropolis. Once a garden city is now a concrete jungle. Emerging buildings with architectural fantasy on one side and the other side without any basic standards, makes me feel like a beauty in the beast.

The major issue is dealing with traffic, though most of the people choose metro as their job commute, rest prefer private vehicles. With a growing population, Bangalore’s urban planning is not meeting it’s people’s necessity. People are honking everywhere, waiting for hours in traffic. Buildings without proper setbacks and roadside vendors occupy the pedestrian paths making it difficult for people who commute through walk.

Delhi, Noida, Chandigarh, and Gujarat had been planned properly by great architects, as a result, the city development paved the way for a better living. But in Bangalore, it was a sudden boom with the IT field turning a group of discrete villages into a metropolitan city without proper planning. The mixed land-use planning makes residential people get everything within their reach. But this doesn’t pave way for further development resulting to spread outward.

It has turned into an urban heat island attracting all monsoon clouds resulting in the change of climate. With such a good climate, I would prefer living in a Garden city than in a concrete jungle. I hope each citizen realizes this before Bangalore turns into another Delhi.






My best tv show,
My best series,
My best cartoon network,
My best story time,
My human diary,

It’s you…..
My best friend..!!


Like a butterfly deserting the flower,
After sucking all it’s nectar,

You felw away taking all my love.


You are the cheese to my pizza,
You are the caramel to my chocolate,
You are the heaven in my hell,
You are the ketchup to my nuggets,
You are my chicken in the veggie world.



Crush is a spark,
Love is a fire.
Don’t be a matchstick in between,
And burn too quickly.


வயல்களும் களனிகளும்,
உழாமல் வரண்டன.
குளங்களும் குட்டைகளிலும்,
காகிதங்கள் நிறைந்தன.
விவசாயி காய்ந்தான்,
மழையில்லா குடைகள் போல.

-கூவை 🦉

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